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Cleaning and pre-treatment of metal parts

Zeller + Gmelin provides a broad range of highly effective, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions for metal system parts cleaning and degreasing, special corrosion protection, as well as solvent-based cleaners, products for manual parts cleaning, and quality products for phosphating iron and steel materials.

Everything about metal parts pre-treatment

Zeller + Gmelin provides a broad range of highly effective, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for pre-treating and cleaning metal parts. As regards system parts cleaning and degreasing, we offer water-based cleaning products, or alkaline and neutral products for degreasing metal, with and without temporary corrosion protection. Special corrosion protection products are used as an additive in rinsing baths to protect metal parts against corrosion. Our solvent-based cleaners are hydrocarbon cleaning agent suitable for degreasing and cleaning metal parts. For manual parts cleaning , you can use acidic and alkaline products as multi-purpose metal cleaners in high-pressure cleaning devices. Furthermore, we offer quality surface finishingproducts for phosphating iron and steel materials.

DIVINOL spray cleaners

DIVINOL spray cleaners are suitable for degreasing metal parts and cleaning plastic parts, for example, to eliminate mould release agents in single and multi-chamber spray systems. In many cases, spray cleaners can also be used with immersion and ultrasonic cleaning.

DIVINOL parts cleaners

DIVINOL parts cleanerscan be used for cleaning, removing drawing oils, and degreasing metals, steel and non-ferrous metals in immersion, spray or ultrasonic processes. DIVINOL parts cleaners leave a temporary corrosion protection on surfaces, which can be removed by rinsing with water.

DIVINOL cleaners

DIVINOL cleaners are versatile, liquid cleaners, suitable for easy removal of dirt, oil, grease and resin. They evaporate quickly without residue.

DIVINOL cleaners are used for parts cleaning and degreasing. Parts or surfaces to be cleaned must be resistant to petrol or hydrocarbons. Special DIVINOL cleaners are used for cleaning and degreasing engines, chassis, machinery, tools, etc.

Thanks to its high dissolving capacity, DIVINOL cleaners are ideally suited for removing paint and resin residues. Certain DIVINOL cleaners are water-free and, therefore, appropriate for cleaning electrical components.

DIVINOL phosphating

DIVINOL phosphating serves to degrease and clean steel, iron, zinc, and aluminium. Its application on steel and iron produces an iron-phosphate layer, which provides excellent adhesion for organic coatings, and outstanding corrosion protection.

DIVINOL phosphating is preferably used with spraying systems. Moreover, its liquid delivery form allows a simple, fully automatic control and stabilisation of bath concentration values via pH adjustment.

The application of DIVINOL phosphating on aluminium or zinc produces a thin conversion layer, which prepares surfaces optimally for subsequent painting.
DIVINOL starter alkaline is used for pH adjustment during the initial phosphating stages.