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Cleaning and pre-treatment of plastic parts

For effective and efficient pre-treatment and cleaning of plastic parts, Zeller + Gmelin offers a broad product range of spray cleaners, pre-treatment systems and bath conditioners, water flowaids, system cleaners, products for manual parts cleaning, and protective coatings for plastic surfaces.

DIVINOL spray cleaners

DIVINOL spray cleaners are acidic, neutral and alkaline products for water-based cleaning of plastic parts.

Manual pre-cleaners

Manual pre-cleaners are water-based and water-soluble acidic, neutral and alkaline products for manual pre-cleaning of plastic parts. Pre-cleaners are required if no Power Wash system is available, or parts are extremely dirty after outdoor storage.

Water flow aids

Water flow aids are additives to regulate the flow behaviour of water on plastic surfaces. Water flow aids prevent water spots after drying and painting craters.

System cleaning

DIVINOL system cleaners are acid or alkaline products to disinfect and eliminate slime sediments, and remove deposits on heat exchangers.

Cleaners for manual parts cleaning with HP device

Acid and alkaline DIVINOL parts cleaners are perfect for a variety of applications using high-pressure cleaning devices.

Protective coating

Water-soluble protective coatings for plastic surfaces effectively lower the electrostatic charge and contamination of plastic parts.