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Multicut - Non-water-miscible cooling lubricants

Our non-water-miscible Multicut cooling lubricants are used worldwide in chip machining procedures of the metalworking industry. Our Multicut cooling lubricants provide low oil mist and low evaporation and are suitable for heavy machining tasks.

Non-water-miscible cooling lubricants for a wide range of uses

Non-water-miscible Multicut cooling lubricants by Zeller+Gmelin are developed for the growing requirements of performance, tuned precision and efficiency in the metalworking industry. To be able to selectively address your specific technical requirements, the cooling lubricants are developed under cooperative practical conditions for a wide variety of machining operations. Non-water-miscible cooling lubricants Multicut make sustainable contributions to a more efficient and cost-effective production. The consistently high quality of the lubricant components used ensures the maximum operating safety.

To profit from non-water-miscible Multicut cooling lubricants:

  • Wide product range for the most diverse applications
  • Cooling lubricants for a wide range of working materials
  • Product alternatives to chlorine and zinc-containing cutting oils
  • Adjusted to be low in oil mist and evaporation
  • Low aromatic or aromatic-free varieties


non water-miscible Multicut® cooling lubricants are suitable for all cutting operations in the metal industry and provide maximum lubricating performance and efficiency.