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Lubricants for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers

Zeller+Gmelin offers to you a wide range of DIVINOL® high-performance lubricants for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers - from motor oils, transmission oils and hydraulic oils up to greases for servicing and maintenance.

DIVINOL® high-performance lubricants for the automotive industry

DIVINOL® lubricants for the automotive industry are high quality products developed specifically for the requirements of modern vehicles to maintain their performance. In the DIVINOL® lubricant product range, you will certainly find the optimal lubricant for each application. The top quality of our DIVINOL® lubricants is guaranteed through certifications according to DIN 9001 and DIN 140001 and the OEM approvals of well-known manufacturers.

The DIVINOL lubricants product range for automotive applications in overview:

Motor oils for passenger cars

Modern engine technology is inconceivable without the use of high performance engine oils. Motor oil not only takes on the task of a classical lubricant, but is also a challenging construction element. Despite the trend toward low SAE viscosities, DIVINOL motor oils for passenger cars withstand the highest stresses while ensuring durable, powerful and reliable motor lubrication.

Motor oils for trucks and commercial vehicles

The demands on the motor oils used for trucks and commercial vehicles is also growing constantly. Sophisticated technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation, particulate filters and the addition of urea (Ad blue) further increase the demands on motor oils. DIVINOL motor oils for commercial vehicles ensure reliable continuous operation of high-duty motors as well as the longest maintenance intervals, without this leading to damage and/or the associated workshop visits.

Motor oils for two-wheeled vehicles

Motor oils for two-wheel vehicles help you enjoy your two-wheeler. DIVINOL motor oils for motorcycles specifically support the agile handling and acceleration of motorcycles and scooters and provide for maximum driving enjoyment with the highest reliability.

Transmission oils for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

A reliable and rapid oil circulation is the most important issue for a long and low-maintenance intensive life for your vehicle’s automotive transmissions. DIVINOL transmission oils combine high-quality base oils with special additives. In our product range, you will also find quality transmission oils for manual and automatic transmissions of all kinds - also transmission oil for CVT and DCT transmissions - as well as state of the art transmission oils for use in commercial vehicles.

Hydraulic oil for central hydraulic systems

DIVINOL central hydraulic fluid are ideal for use in central hydraulic systems such as convertible tops, central locking, stability and traction systems, hydrostatic drives, automatic level control, hydro-pneumatic suspension, power steering and damping.

Lubricants for maintenance and servicing

DIVINOL lubricants for maintenance and servicing significantly contribute to the value retention, maintenance and assurance of the long-term functionality of your car, commercial vehicle or two wheeler.

Greases for universal use

DIVINOL greases for the automotive industry offer a wide range of applications for cars, trucks and commercial vehicles - from greases for the simple lubricating of all sorts, e.g. from liftgates to highly water resistant greases to high-performance greases for truck axles.