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Cleaning Liquids

Whether for surface treatment, as rinsing fluid or for maintenance and care - with the special cleaning fluids from Zeller+Gmelin the safety and quality of your digital printing equipment and print heads is guaranteed.

Nozzle failures or contamination on printhead nozzle plates affect droplet formation and print quality. These phenomena still occur very frequently today. Printheads therefore have to be replaced more frequently, resulting in high consumption and product costs. Suitable cleaning solutions therefore play an increasingly important role with increasing demands on print quality, productivity of digital printing systems and fineness of printhead nozzles. Zeller+Gmelin therefore specifically develops highly concentrated cleaning solutions to remove contamination from UV-curable and aqueous inks.

Corresponding cleaning processes simplify reprocessing, extend the service life of printheads and reduce consumption costs.

In cooperation with manufacturers of printheads and printhead reprocessing systems, we have developed special recovery liquids to clean printheads from the outside or inside. Our goal is always to ensure optimal functionality.

​​​​​​​In the field of 3D printing, we offer a proven selection of different cleaning solutions to remove powder residues from the SLS process or non-cross-linked building materials from the SLA/DLP process.


  • Longer printhead life
  • Proven cleaning fluids
  • Professional and tailor-made cleaning solutions in cooperation with leading system manufacturers and suppliers
  • Close cooperation with printhead manufacturers
  • Reduced cost of printhead replacement
  • Shorter production downtime, maximum productivity