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Divinol Flockungsmittel N5 (flocculant)

Art-Nr.: 64631

Divinol Flockungsmittel N5 (flocculant) is a liquid flocculant based on inorganic alkalis with special additives.

Divinol Flockungsmittel N5 (flocculant) is mainly used to set the pH value of industrial water circulations or waste water to achieve an optimal flocculation.


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Product Details


Appearance colourless, clear to slightly cloudy liquid
Composition aqueous preparation of anorganic alkalis and specific additives
pH-value 1 % in distilled H2O / DIN 51 369 approx. 13.0

Divinol Flockungsmittel N5 (flocculant) is added to the circulating water where there is strong turbulence, preferably by means of a dosage pump or manually.