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Divinol Koag 845 (paint detackifier)

Art-Nr.: 08450

Divinol Koag 845 (paint detackifier) is a liquid paint coagulating agent based on inorganic separating agents and special polymers. It can be used for a variety of paint binding systems.

Divinol Koag 845 (paint detackifier) is mainly used to coagulate water-based paint, but can also be used to detackify solvent-based paint.

Divinol Koag 845 (paint detackifier) is suitable for water wash spray booths with various discharge systems. Due to its good detackifying and dewatering effect, a compact coagulate is produced, which can be easily removed with the usual discharging equipment. The water service life is thereby increased and the cleaning time is reduced to a minimum.

In combination with one of our Divinol flocculants, specifically heavier paint systems can also be discharged on a floating basis.


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Product Details


Appearance colourless, slightly cloudy liquid
Composition aqueous preparation of polymers and inorganic coagulation agents
pH-value 1 % in distilled H2O / DIN 51 369 approx. 4.3

Divinol Koag 845 (paint detackifier) is added to the circulating water where there is strong turbulence, preferably by means of a dosage pump or manually. If foam forms as a result of particularly foamy paints
one of our Divinol defoaming agents can be used to reduce the foam. The pH value of the system should
be controlled and adjusted to a pH between 7.5-8.5.