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Water Treatment

  • Divinol Koag 725 (paint detackifier)

    Divinol Koag 725 (paint detackifier) is mainly used to detackify very tacky solvent-based paints

    Art-Nr.: 07250

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  • Divinol Koag 899 (paint detackifier)

    Divinol Koag 899 (paint detackifier) is mainly used to coagulate water-based paint, but can also be used to detack solvent-based paint

    Art-Nr.: 08990

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  • Divinol Flockungsmittel 1172 (flocculant)

    Divinol Flockungsmittel 1172 (flocculant) is used in combination with Divinol coagulants or flocculants to reduce foam in water wash spray booths.

    Art-Nr.: 79040

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