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Divinol Flockungsmittel 1172 (flocculant)

Art-Nr.: 79040

Divinol Flockungsmittel 1172 (flocculant) is a liquid flocculant based on organic polymers with special additives.

Divinol Flockungsmittel 1172 (flocculant) is mainly used in combination with Divinol coagulating agents for the treatment of circulating water in paint shops. It generates larger floating flocs that can be easily discharged. The sludge phase can be easily dehydrated with filter bags, band filters, filter presses or decanters.

Divinol Flockungsmittel 1172 (flocculant) is a highly concentrated product that can be used diluted with water if needed.


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Product Details


Appearance white cloudy liquid
Composition aqueous preparation of cationic, organic polymers and special additives

Divinol Flockungsmittel 1172 (flocculant) should be added with a dosing pump to the circulating water, in a place with strong turbulence. If needed, a dilution can also be used. 100 - 500 parts water are used and 1 part flocculant is slowly added while stirring. Diluting the flocculant subjects it to ageing. It thus has only limited stability. For this reason, only dilute the quantity that will be used in 1 day.