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EURAPID O37 Ink Series

Art-Nr.: EURAPID O37 Farbserie

The EURAPID O37 Ink Series is a conventional drying printing ink series with intentionally reduced resistances which is not suitable for sterilising. It includes inks with light resistance of less than 6 (DIN 16525) and was specifically developed for General-Line applications such as decorating of technical packaging which is not sterilised.

It is formulated without mineral oil, has high colour intensity, is flexible and very low yellowing. The inks stand out with their extremely low skin formation in the can, in the duct or on the rollers, even after longer down-times of the press. The series is suitable for printing on coated and uncoated metal subtrates in dry-offset (pre-formed containers) or sheet-fed offset.

Product Details

Technical Data

Drying/Curing Conventional Oil Based
Substrate Metal Coated - Metal Uncoated - Aluminium
Printing Process Offset Sheet-Fed - Letterpress - Indirect Letterpress
Formulation Formulated without mineral oil
Press Performance Fast Drying (170°C/10min.) - Reduced skin formation in the can or duct
Surface Properties Glossy - Low Yellowing - Flexible Ink Film - Light Resitance Lower Than 6 - Temperature Resistant until 180°C/10min.
Further Processing Overvarnishing - Forming - Deep Drawing - Beading
Application 2 Piece Cans - 3 Piece Cans - Aluminium Tubes - Monoblock Aerosol Cans - Screw Caps - Crown Corks - Long Caps
End Application Non-Food - Chemicals - Automotive
Market Metal Decoration
Availlable Systems 4 Colour Process - PANTONE® Base Colours