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UVALUX® U40 Ink Series

Art-Nr.: UVALUX U40 Farbserie

The UVALUX® U40 Ink Series is a versatile ink series for UV offset and letterpress printing. It is primarily designed for use on paper, but can also be used on most film materials.

This series was specially developed for printing at high press speeds. UVALUX® U40 is also characterized as a series with very low odour. The inks cure by exposure to UV light.

Product Details

Technical Data

Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Paper Coated - Paper Uncoated - Paper Plastic Coated - Thermal Paper - Film
Printing Process Offset Sheet-Fed - Offset Web-Fed - Letterpress
Formulation VOC-free
Press Performance Low Misting
Surface Properties Cured Ink Low Odour - Glossy - Adhesion Optimized
Further Processing Overvarnishing - Hotfoiling - Coldfoil - Laserprinting - Thermal Transfer
Application Direct Mail - Forms - Folded Box - Self Adhesive Labels
End Application Non-Food
Market Commercials - Packaging - Labels
Availlable Systems 4 Colour Process - PSO Process Colours - PANTONE® Base Colours - Z Base Colours
Mixing Lists Basis Z Base Colours