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Divinol Profi Lube HHS

Art-Nr.: 23360 LK

Divinol Profi Lube HHS is a solvent based adhesive spray suitable for use for example at fast or slow speeding chains, gear wheels, hinges, guideways, hinges or stressed bolts. The product has excellent creeping and penetrating properties even the tightest lubrication spots can be reached reliabely, the high pressure resistance ensures minimal wear.


Divinol Profi Lube HHS has a pleasant, pungent odor, a slightly sticky consistency and is also suitable to eliminate unwanted noise. In outdoor areas, the product can also be deployed, as Divinol Profi Lube HHS is resistant against splashing water and provides an appropriate corrosion protection. Thermal stability as well as spinning strength is furthermore a benefit of Divinol Profi Lube HHS.



- Ensures smooth running characteristics
- Ensures good surface adhesion
- Seals against dirt and water
- Reduces chain elongation
- Protects against rust
- Prevents chain rigid


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Product Details


Density/20°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 0,45 g/cm³
Colour of the protective film yellowish
Operating temperature range -30 °C - + 80 °C
Composition Teflon containing adhesive spray with specific active ingredients mixed with a propane / butane mixture
Odour pleasent

Shake can well before use. Clean the object to be sprayed and let dry. Spray Divinol Profi Lube HHS evenly, with a space of 20 cm and let it dry some minutes before use.


Do not spray on hot surfaces!