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Divinol Kupferpaste

Art-Nr.: 21740

Mechanically high chargeable, water-resistant and very separating active high temperature paste
for all separating processes at high temperature.

Protects effectively from corrosion and seizing of thread and bearing.

Special additives, a special thickening system as well as compatible solid lubricants protect against
welding, sticking, squeaking, scaling and give extreme pressure absorption capability.



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Product Details


Colour / Appearance copper colored
Operating temperature range -30 - 1100 °C
NLGI-class / DIN 51818 2
Base oil viscosity 40°C / ASTM D 7042 300 mm²/s
Unworked penetration / DIN ISO 2137 250 - 300 0,1 mm
Water resistance 90°C / DIN 51807-1 Evaluation level 0
Oil separation, short-time test / DIN 51817
Corrosion protection behaviour (EMCOR-test) / DIN 51802 0/0

Suitable for easier installation and removal of metal pieces, bolts, nuts, valves, slide bearings, chains, flanges, screws, fittings, plug threads, exhaust screws etc., e.g. at guiding appliances, springs, brake bloc bolts, links, spark plugs, battery poles as well as heating boilers.

Divinol Kupferpaste is also used successfully for the lubrication of chisels.