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Divinol Gerätereiniger Forte

Art-Nr.: 12300
Divinol Gerätereiniger Forte has following advantages:
  • the product is a diluted, alkaline cleaner free of phosphate and is therefore not harmful to the environment.
  • it is biodegradable (according to OECD test)
  • it does not attac the material such as laquer and metal or synthetic materials
  • it cleans very effective the soilings on the chain and the housing of the motor saw
Areas which have been treated with Divinol Koservierungswachs can easily cleaned with Divinol Gerätereiniger Forte. Area´s of application: power saws, chains, agricultural machinery, tractors, motor (etches oil & grease), household, garden, caravan, boat-panels, oil-stains.



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Product Details


Colour / DIN ISO 2049 light yellow
Density/20°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 approx. 1,08 g/cm³ - ca. 1,08 g/cm³ - env. 1,08 g/cm³
pH-value (10 % in distilled H2O) / DIN 51 369 11
Colour of the protective film light yellow
pH-value 1 % in distilled H2O / DIN 51 369 approx. 11
pH-value in concentrate / DIN 51 369 approx. 13
Composition anionic and nonionic tensides, silicat, basic & auxiliary agents
Ingredients deterg.&cleaning agents act List of ingredients (Detergents Regulation 648/2004 Annex VII D) Product: Divinol Gerätereiniger Forte CAS Nr.: 7732-18-5 Water AQUA CAS Nr.: 1312-76-1 Kaliumsilikat POTASSIUM SILICATE; CAS Nr.: 111-76-2 2-Butoxy-ethanol BUTOXYETHANOL; CAS Nr.: 68411-30-3 Benzolsulfonsäure, C10-13- Alkylderivate, Natriumsalze SODIUM DODECYLBENZENE SULFONATE; CAS Nr.: 6834-92-0 Dinatriummetasilikat SODIUM METASILICATE; CAS Nr.: 97043-91-9 Fettalkoholpolyglykolether NO INCI NAME AVAILABLE FATTY ALCOHOL POLYGLYCOLETHER; CAS Nr.: 164462-16-2 Methylglycindiessigsäure, Na3-Salz TRISODIUM DICARBOXYMETHYL ALANINATE; CAS Nr.: 126-92-1 Natriumetasulfat SODIUM ETHYLHEXYL SULFATE; CAS Nr.: 1310-73-2 Natriumhydroxid SODIUM HYDROXIDE

The dirty parts should be sprayed with Divinol Gerätereiniger Forte and left for some minutes (no drying of Divinol Gerätereiniger Forte on plane surfaces) . A paint brush can be used to clean the parts. Afterwards the parts should be rinsed with water, if possible with high pressure and at last the parts should be dried with compressed air. If the parts are very dirty put them in a cleaner bath for several hours.