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Divinol Öl-Ex 82

Art-Nr.: 67482

Divinol Öl-Ex 82 is a new multipurpose oil and chemical absorbing agent - Type I, Type II and III R, which can be universally used in industry and commerce, on roads and other trafficked areas as well as on water. Grained, non-dusting material based on polyurethane (grain size 0.5-4 mm) to absorb only liquids (not the water) such as oil, drilling emulsions, paints, acids, alkalis, etc...

Environmental Impact:

The Federal Environment Ministry of Germany published "Requirements for oil binders" are fully met. The product is officially tested and approved under Certificate No. 75 015/05 dated 31.05.2005.

  •          chemically neutral
  •          very good stability, even oil-saturated non-slip
  •          not made of fiber structure but leaves


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Product Details


Appearance Granules yellow / brown
Flash point (Cleveland) / DIN ISO 2592 > 300 °C
pH-value / DIN 51 369 7
Composition Rigid polyurethane foam

Divinol Öl-Ex 82 is dipersed with a layer thickness of up to 3 mm and swept up with a broom after absorption. Old, oil-contaminated soil is firstly treat with solvent and then with Divinol Öl-Ex 82. The content of the bag (10 kg corresponds to 40 l) binds approximately 23 liters of fuel oil.

Due to the fact that Divinol Öl-Ex 82 won`t absorb water, there is no expensive disposal of e.g. a water-oil mixture, but only of the absorbed chemical. Divinol Öl-Ex 82 is ideal for thermal-energy recovery use and musten`t be disposed necessarily. Thus, valuable energy  is saved and serves as combustible material. Divinol Öl-Ex 82 burns oil-soaked nearly residue-free with a minimum ash content of 2%.